27 Feb 2014

Stella's Beauty Tip: Homemade footbath

Hello readers!

I don't know about you, but my legs, especially my heels, gets really dry in the winter time. Today I got this great idea to try a homemade footbath with seasalt and guess what, it really worked! Now my heels feel super soft and I'm happy.

All you need for this footbath is :
- seasalt
- warm water
- some kind of big bowl or dish where you can fit your feet and the water
- foot file
- foot cream

First thing that I did was removing some dead skin with the foot file. Then I poured some some seasalt into warm water and put my feet there for about 10 minutes.  You can have them in as long as you like (well, not too long haha!) but because this was my first time I wasn't sure about the time. Next time I'll probably have them longer time, tho! I also took some seasalt in my hand and rubbed it on my heels. I took my feet out about 7 minutes after I put them in and I repeated removing dead skin because I noticed that I still had some dead sking on my heels. After that I put my legs back in for a few more minutes. After the bath I dried my feet and put some cream on them and vola, you are done! :)

This is really easy and fast way and I totally recommend it for all of you! :)

Stella xx


  1. I love soaking my feet! This sounds great!



Thanks for the comment! :)