26 Jul 2014

My Summer so far

Hey guys!!

How are you all doing? I'm so sorry for not posting!! I've been super buys and literally I haven't had any extra time! I have been working, my boyfriend was here for three weeks ( he left one week ago ) and I started gym and exercising! This is the first time I am actually excited about working out! I really want to get that dream body of mine, but don't worry, I won't be turning my blog into fitness blog. 

So far my summer has been great! I've been spending my time with my family and friends. I've had few bigger celebrations that I attended to. I've watched a lot of football (for those of you who don't know I am a massive football fan!!).  But the best thing was defo when my boyfriend came here. I missed him so much and seeing him after 6 months was really the best thing ever!! Those three weeks that we spent  together were amazing. But hey only 2 months and I am moving back to Cyprus so everything's okay! It's not that far away :) 

Anyways enough said, let the pictures speak now! 

XoXo Stella