30 Aug 2014

First impression : Four Reasons Brown Hair Powder

Hello friends!

Okay so I think all the brunettes out there can relate with me when I say that finding the right hair powder is though job, since most of them tend to leave lighter color on your hair and it just doesn't look right. Well, to be honest, I've used hair powder only few times in my life because of this. I don't want to look like I'm having some dandruff or something on my head. 
Few weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook about this new hair powder that is for brunettes! I was like "oh god I really need to get this". And I did. I saw this product in one hair salon. There were two sizes, small and big one, but just to make sure I wasn't wasting any money I went with the small one. The product is called Four Reasons Brown Hair Powder. I think it's a Finnish product and I have no idea if they sell Four Reasons in other countries, but I love their products, they are my favorites. 

I really didn't know what to expect so I was really positively surprised when I tried this for the first time. It actually works. My hair actually looks fine. So yes. I am in love with this product. Usually hair powder is white or whitish and that's why it doesn't look so good with dark hair, but this one, it's actually brown!!! So yes it's perfect for my hair. It really does what it says. It makes my hair look thicker and removes all the oiliness from my hair!! I really recommend this to everyone!! I am even going to get the bigger bottle because I doubt that I will find this product from Cyprus. 
Okay so how do you use this product ? It's pretty easy. 
Okay so here are the positive and negative things for this product : 
+ The brown color pigment which makes it even with your hair tone.
+ It makes your hair look smooth and thick
+ removes the oiliness 
+ does not make your hair look like you have dandruff or other rubbish!
- it smells quite strong
- because of  the brown color, if you spray it on anywhere else than your hair it will be quite a mess. 

So yes, this has defo became one of my favorite hair products. In Finland, the small bottle is 3.90 on sale and the big one 9.90 on sale. I think the real prices are 5.90 and 11.90 ( I'm really not sure about these!! :p )
If you know any other good hair powders for brunettes, please leave a comment down below so I can possible try those out too! :)
Love, Stella 

19 Aug 2014

How to survive from long distance relationship

Hello friends! 
Today I wanna write about something, that has been very important part of my life for the past four years. As some of you may have understood, me and my boyfriend we live in different countries. He lives in Cyprus and I live in Finland. We were 16 years old when we started our relationship. As I might have mentioned, I did live in Cyprus for one year in 2012-2013, but had to move back to Finland. Apart from that one year, we have had a long distance relationship. I did visit him every other month, tho, but this year has been the hardest one for us since I have been working and couldn't visit him, so before he came to Finland last month to visit me we hadn't seen each other for six months. That's a quite a long time. Even tho I am moving to Cyprus in one month (and hopefully that means we don't have to suffer from LDR never again) I still want to help my fellow readers who might be in the same position. Here is some of my tips how we survived the long distance over these past 4 years! :) 
  • Trust. LDR or not, trust plays very important role in relationships. I know it's hard to trust someone who is hundreds of miles away, and it might be hard at first. But in a time you just have to trust each other if you really want to make it. I would lie if I said we never had any trust issues - we did and we sometimes still do. But it's normal. So don't worry. You will gain trust as the time goes by! :) 
  • Communicate. If trust plays very important role in LDR so does communication. Communicate in any possible way. Send e-mails. Call each other. Send facebook messages. Or if you wanna do it old school, send letters! Just try to keep in touch as much as possible. And don't forget to tell how you feel! Talking is the key here too! Support each other and just be there!! Listen what the other is telling you. 
  • Include the other person into your everyday life.  I know this can be hard, but it's not impossible. Send each other good morning/night messages. You can have Skype conversations, watch the same movie at the same time, you can tell what you are doing and describe your day to each others. This doesn't mean you have to text or Skype 24/7. You still have your own lives, don't forget your friends and family!! :) Oh and what it comes to friends and family, you can still introduce them to each other via Skype for example! 
  •  Applications. Okay as you might already know, there are tons of applications you can download to your phone. Our favorite applications are Facebook (we use this one for chatting), Viber (this is an application where you can call free. The only requirements are a good internet connection and the other person has to have Viber too) and Skype.  We did try the Couple app where you can send pictures and private messages to each other, but it just wasn't good for us.

  • Make future plans together.  Obviously at some point you do want to have a future together and live in the same place. Make plans for it. Dream about it. It is good to have future plans with each other because that means you really do want to spend time together in the future too and you will have something to wait for!! :) This is also a good way to find out weather or not your wants are the same! And it's good to start planning early because if you face any disagreements (for example where are you going to live etc) you will have time to figure them out! :) 
  • Visit each other as much as you can. I know it sucks that you can't see each other every day, but try to visit each other as much as possible. I know it's hard if you are working or studying or you don't have that much money, but remember, the longer you are apart, the the more you will appreciate the time you spend together! And when you do see each other, spend as much time together as you can (especially if you don't have many days to spend). It doesn't matter if you don't do anything special. Just enjoy each others company and be happy! You will survive until the next visit with all the memories that you have with each other! :) 
  • Be patient. There will come the day when you FINALLY live in the same country. Just be patient. It will be all worth it in the end! :) And you will see that you have learned to appreciate each other more. 
  • Last but not least, if you really love each other,  you will survive from LDR. And if you can survive from LDR, you can survive anything. 

Leave comment down below and tell me some of your tips for surviving LDR! :) 

Stella xoxo

(photos: http://i-love-you-from-a-distance.tumblr.com/)

7 Aug 2014

Fall inspiration

Hey guys! I know it's still summer, but since fall is calling us, I decided to share with you guys some of my fall inspiration outfits. 

Dinner with boyfriend: 

Fancy dinner/party:



Coffee with friends: 



1 Aug 2014

Where did the summer go?

Hey guys! 

Oh God I can't believe it's August already!! Like where did the summer go? But for me, this means that next month, I am moving to Cyprus! Yes you heard it, NEXT freaking MONTH I am finally going home. I can't wait it!! I'm so excited! Thank God I have a lot of work so I really don't have any free time before my moving!! And now finally all the things are looking good and I feel good to go. I have arranged all the things that were bothering me, and now everything's okay and I'm happy. 

I really hope everyone's having a great August! Enjoy the good weather while you can! :)

XoXo Stella