30 May 2014

What I would wear If I had all the money in the world...

Casual hanging out with friends: 

Beach Party


Beach wear

Work out: 

Summer sport



Fancy dinner with my boyfriend: 

Date night

Birthday party: 


What do you think? What are your favorites? :)

With love, Stella xx

23 May 2014

Day at the beach

Hello friends! 

I had a day off from work yesterday and I have to admit that it was probably one of the funniest and most relaxed day I've had in a while! I woke up at 9 am and went straight to a morning walk. After that I studied for my entrance exams for a while and then went to the beach with my friends! It was so hot outside! Great day to have off! I wanted to try the water, how cold it is, but it looked too cold for me so I didn't try it ! Maybe next time! :) Now I got to get ready for work! 

Have a nice day everyone!

Stella xx 

19 May 2014

You make me feel like a princess

Hello friends! 

Ahh summer has finally arrived in Finland too!! These past two days have been so hot! But I'm not complaining, I love it! For the first time in ages I was able to leave the house without any kind of jacket! Here is what I wore yesterday when I went to the mall! :) 

I really love this outfit because it's casual but still trendy. I haven't worn my ripped jeans for ages because of the winter, but I love them! I got them few years ago and they still look good! And my shirt, I love the color, it's summery and I love bright colors, especially pink! It will look even nicer after I'm getting some tan :) Also the shoes I was wearing are one of my favorite shoes at the moment. I got them in September from Steve Madden store in Limassol and ohh boy! They were having a stock clearance and they were selling Steve Madden shoes with really cheap price so I had to get them, even tho they are one size smaller than I usually wear, but they are not that bad! 

Top: Gina Tricot 
Jeans: Bershka
Shoes: Steve Madden
What do you like? :) 

xoxo, Stella

16 May 2014

Quiz Clothing

Hello friends! 
Few days ago I was introduced to Quiz Clothing and ohhh my god their clothes are too cute!! I have few important events coming up later this year, so I was thinking about getting a dress or jumpsuit from their collection! And the prices are not that bad too! I am really going to have hard decisions ahead of me when trying to find that dress because they have too many beautiful dresses in their collection! I thought I could show you guys few of my favorite clothes from their line! :) 


Mint dress HERE , Navy dress HERE, Pink dress HERE
Glitter heels HERE, Mint heels HERE, Satin heels HERE

Playsuit HERE, Pastel pink dress HERE, Pink dress HERE
Diamond shoes HERE, Light pink shoes HERE, Pink shoes HERE

Quiz Clothing is also holding a really cool competition! And what is the price?? A VIP trip to LAS VEGAS!
How amazing is that?!? The winner will get 5 nights stay in a 5 starts hotel with fights, ofc! Winner will also have a limo ride (crazyy!!), FIVE dresses and tickets to see BRITNEY SPEARS!! All you have to do is enter your email HERE and post a selfie to Instagram with the #Ijustwonthejackpot and following QUIZ on Instagram!! You can also like Quiz on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and post your selfie with that same hashtag and your in! Simple, right? :) 

Xo, Stella

11 May 2014

Mother's Day Outfit

Hello friends! 

And happy Mother's Day to every single mum on this planet!! 
We had a Mother's Day lunch yesterday with my whole family and today me, my mum, sister and her bf went to this beautiful coffee place! And here is what I wore earlier today :) 

Shirt: My mum made it
Skirt: Stradivarius
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Wallet: eBay


Stella xx 

10 May 2014

Eurovision 2014 : My Top 5 !

Hello friends!! 

It's that time of the year again! And yes you all know what I'm talking about! EUROVISIONS! I'm a huge Eurovision fan, I've always been. When I was little (like 8 years old) I went to my big sister's room because she had a TV and made myself to stay awake until the end of the visions, then fell asleep in my sister's bed ! Oh those memories! To be honest, I liked the old concept more, when there was no Semifinals, just one big final and that was it! But hey time's change so we better get used to it! I'm so sad that this year my other home country is not participating in the Eurovisions. They decided in Cyprus that because of the economic crisis they are having they won't participate, which I completely understand and I'm kind of proud of them for not spending the money they don't actually even have on a song contest. 

But enough said, here is my top 5 songs this year! What are your favorites and who do you think will win? :)

1. Greece: Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd - Rise Up  

I don't think it's no surprise to anyone who knows me that this song is my number one this year! First because it's Greece and second the song is just amazing!! Love it! To be honest I don't think it will be the winner, but defo in the top 5! 

2. Denmark: Basim - Cliche Love Song 

He reminds me of Bruno Mars. The song is catchy and really good!! I believe this song will be at least in the top 10 maybe top 5!! Great song!! 

3. Azerbaijan: Dilara Kazimova - Start a Fire

Great, beautiful song! I love her voice and she is so beautiful!! I think this song will be in the top 5!! 

4. France: Twin Twin - Moustache 

At first, I hated this song, but now it's one of my favorites!! It's funny, catchy,funky and I like the fact it's french!! I think it will be in the top 10! 

5. Finland: Softengine - Something Better

The first thought I had when they announced that Softengine will represent Finland was who the hell are they? I didn't like the song that much and I was sure they will not qualify at all, BUT i'm glad I was wrong, because now even tho I hate Finland, I love this song. I have thing with boy bands so that might have been one of the reasons why I now like this song! It will be in the top 20, maybe top 15!

Goood luck to every country, may the odds be ever in your favor!! Let the Eurovisions begin! 

Kisses, Stella  

6 May 2014

New In

Hi friends! 

I don't think I've made a shopping post yet, so here is the first one! I got few really cool stuff that I want to show you guys! :) 

Last Friday I was walking to work and suddenly my bag some how broke so I had to get a new one. I fell in love with this one, and lucky me, it was on sale for 15 EUROS!! I love this bag because it's light, it's not heavy like my previous bags, so I can carry more things with me now! Yay!! And even tho it's seems small, it fits all my things and more! In other words, it's perfect. Although I'm eager to see how long it will last, since after all it is H&M bag!! 

I don't know about other countries, but it is extremely hard to find cute phone cases for any other phones than iPhone from Finland. I can't even tell you how many times I've tried to search cute cases, but with no luck. So for the first time in my life, I decided to order few things from Ebay and I got this phone case as well! It's super cute and it was only like 3 EUROS!! And I have to say that I was surprise about how fast this came! I orderd it 1½ weeks ago and it already arrived!!! So positive feedback for that!! 

I know I probably won't be needing bikinis this summer since I can't even go to Cyprus, but I wanted to be sure and get these in time for September!! It will still be summer in Cyprus for few months so I will be needing them then ;) These were only under 5 EUROS/piece and the color will look perfect with tanned skin! The sunglasses I got few months back, but thank God I got them because they don't have them anymore in my city!   

As you can see, I love shopping at H&M. It's my favorite shop in Finland, since we don't have Stradivarius, Bershka, Pull & Bear or Tally Weijl here! I'm gonna be in heaven when I get to Cyprus and for the long time I get to go shopping to my favorite shops!!! 

Kisses, Stella 

1 May 2014

May 1st

Hello friends!!

I can't believe it's May already. It feels like Christmas was like few weeks ago and now it's almost summer. This summer will be so different for me than the others. I've spent every summer for the past 7 years in Cyprus. This summer I won't be going there. I decided to collect all the money I need first, and then go back, most likely in September. Even tho it's killing me I know this is what I have to do so I don't have to come back to Finland ever again. ( OK I will be coming to see my family and friends, but not to stay ! ). This is the mistake I won't be doing again. This time I wanna be sure I have what it takes to actually move there, get my own appartment, study and get a job. Thankfully my boyfriend is coming to Finland for the summer, so it wont be that bad. And if you think that Christmas was five months ago and  I still have five to go, it will be easy and soon I will be in Cyprus and I can finally be happy.

Anyway I would like to remind you guys for the survey! It will take just one minute and you can win Skinade products for 30 days!! :) CLICK here to fill your details and be sure you are part of the great draw! :) You can check out my last post about Skinade here


Have a great May everyone!! :) 

Stella xx