27 Feb 2014

Stella's Beauty Tip: Homemade footbath

Hello readers!

I don't know about you, but my legs, especially my heels, gets really dry in the winter time. Today I got this great idea to try a homemade footbath with seasalt and guess what, it really worked! Now my heels feel super soft and I'm happy.

All you need for this footbath is :
- seasalt
- warm water
- some kind of big bowl or dish where you can fit your feet and the water
- foot file
- foot cream

First thing that I did was removing some dead skin with the foot file. Then I poured some some seasalt into warm water and put my feet there for about 10 minutes.  You can have them in as long as you like (well, not too long haha!) but because this was my first time I wasn't sure about the time. Next time I'll probably have them longer time, tho! I also took some seasalt in my hand and rubbed it on my heels. I took my feet out about 7 minutes after I put them in and I repeated removing dead skin because I noticed that I still had some dead sking on my heels. After that I put my legs back in for a few more minutes. After the bath I dried my feet and put some cream on them and vola, you are done! :)

This is really easy and fast way and I totally recommend it for all of you! :)

Stella xx

19 Feb 2014

New favorite nail polish

Hello there!

I've recently found the most amazing and perfect nail polish! The colour is right for spring/summertime and it's not like the usual nailpolishes! It's the Rimmel Sweetie Crush with the colour 009 Candyfloss cutie. It gives your nails the sugary look and it dries very fast! Especially for me this is the perfect nail polish because I always manage to ruin my nails after I've put some colour on them but with this nail polish, you can't actually see those little mistakes! And it was only 5.65 Euros, so not bad! I totally recommend this one and I am definitely going to buy some other colours as well!

What do you like? :) 

Stella xx 

17 Feb 2014

Valentine's Day outfit

Hello readers!

This is my outfit for my brother's prom on Valentine's Day. It is quite special outfit for me because it consist of two pieces of clothing that I usually never wear. I usually don't like wearing skirts because they make me feel so uncomfortable but this dress is a whole another story! It's super cute and it's not too short and goes with almost everything! In other words, it's perfect. The other piece of clothing that I recently fell in love with is that black blazer. I used to think that blazers don't fit me and I look stupid with them but this blazer changed everything! It's not too long and it doesn't make me look more fat. It does make me feel older and more fancy, so that's def a good thing!! But enough said, here's my outfit! :)

Blazer Bershka, Skirt Stradivarius, Top Tally Weijl, Shoes Jeffrey Campbell 

Ok I don't know why the resolution with those two last pictures is that bad but it is what it is :/ Sorry about that!! 

Stella xx  

14 Feb 2014

February 14th

I just wanted to come and wish you all Happy Valentine's Day! Since my boyfriend lives another side of Europe I will be without a Valentine this year, but since my brother is having his prom tonight I will be spending this day with my family!

Picture from here

Stella xx 

13 Feb 2014

Throwback Thursday : Penkkarit

Hello readers!

It's time for another throwback thursday post, and since today here in Finland those who are on their final year of highschool are having "penkkarit" which means celebrating the final day of school before the final exams start. Usually everyone gets dressed up in some character and they drive around the town in a truck throwing candies to people! I graduated from high school in 2012 so it has been exactly two years since I had my "penkkarit". I was dressed up as a panda!  I can't believe how time flies.. I kind of feel old now, haha!

Do you have any traditions like this in your countries? If you do I would like to hear more about them! 

Stella xx

12 Feb 2014

Coffee time with my best friend

Hello readers!

Just my luck, I'm still sick! I always get sick when something important is happening or I need to do something important. Buut it's okay I just hope this will go away by Friday!

I was kind of bored earlier today and my best friend was coming over so I decided to bake some cookies. And I gotta admit that this time it didn't go as planned. I don't know what I did wrong but the pastry was not as it was supposed to be because it was all sticky and the shape was not as I wanted them to be BUT after I took them from the oven they tasted as they were supposed to taste, which was really yummy! Now I have to wait my mum to get home from work to hear her opinion about them! :)

I really enjoy these little coffee moments with my friends. It's always so nice catching up with them and share our problems and gossip!

Stella xx

11 Feb 2014

Φοβάμαι γι αυτό σε θέλω πια μόνο για μένα, να μείνεις εδώ να γίνουμε ένα!

Hello readers!

I've been quite busy lately and I decided to have my lazy day today! I'm feeling a little bit sick so that's why I decided to just stay home and relax today! I was thinking of going to the town since I have few things I need to take care of, but I think I'll leave it for tomorrow!

My weekend - and basically the whole last week, went really fast. I was working from Wednesday until Friday and I was so tired because I am not used to waking up early! On Saturday we went to the mall and restaurant to eat with my mum and my aunt + her husband. Sunday I went to see my grandma, I hadn't seen her in a loooong while so it was nice seeing her too!

Oh, I have came up with few ideas regarding my blog posts and hopefully I'll manage to post them this week! There will be some beauty things + more baking so stay tuned ;)

Oh, and now you can follow me via blogger by pressing that panda picture! :) I thought it was cuter than the normal follow gadget!

Stella xx

5 Feb 2014

Brownies with white chocolate

Hello readers!

I want to share with you guys this oh-so-delicious recipe for these amazing brownies that I made with my best friend! Hope you enjoy! :) And oh, if you try this recipe, I would like to hear your opinion about them! :)


200g dark chocolate (we used Karl Fazer dark chocolate which was 47% dark)
130g white chocolate (we used Panda's white chocolate)
200g butter
3 eggs
2 dl sugar
2 dl flour
1 tbsp vanilla sugar ( I think you can use vanilla extract too if you want )  
(a little bit salt)

1. Preheat your oven to 170 degrees celsius ( 338 fahrenheit )
2. Melt the butter with dark chocolate using casserole. Remember to stir it so you won't burn it!!         Let it cool and if you want to cool it faster, put the casserole in cold water.
3. Mix sugar with eggs. When the mix is done, add the chocolate/butter mixture
4. Cut the white chocolate as small pieces as you want (we just cut all the pieces half) and add
    them along with the flour, vanilla sugar and salt. Mix well.
5. Pour the mixture into a baking dish and place it in oven for 15-25 minutes (depending on your         oven). You know it's done when the edges start to unstick BUT from the middle the brownies         should still be a little bit soft!
6. Enjoy!!

Stella xx

2 Feb 2014

Busy bee

Hello readers!

This weekend has been really busy for me since I moved back at home with my mum! I liked living by myself, but sometimes I felt really lonely so I don't mind living at home again! I don't know yet what my next step will be, but maybe I'll figure it out soon.

Tired after packing!

We went to the mall yesterday and ohh my I found the most perfect heels ever! There was this one shoe store which is closing down really soon and they had most of the shoes -70% so you can imagine how crazy it was! I've been looking these kinds of heels for ages and I am so so so happy I found them! Their real prize was 70 euros but I got them for 20 euros!

Oh one more thing regarding these shoes! While I was trying them on, one woman was looking at me like I was crazy and told her daughter that "one can never walk with those shoes because the heel is so high" like really loud. I replied with annoyed voice that I can. I seriously hate those kind of people. Like hellooooo, it doesn't mean I CAN'T WALK WITH HIGH HEELS IF YOU CAN'T, you old jealous lady!  Haha sorry I had to open up about this because I got really annoyed about the way she said it!

What do you think? Perfect, right? ;)

Anyway how was your weekend? :)

Stella xx