16 Feb 2015

14th of February

My friend had a birthday party last Saturday and we were very lucky because it was Valentine's Day and Mascara make up store in Limassol arranged free professional make up! That was my first time in real professional make up and I really liked it! Wish I could have someone every day to do my make up ;p Also it was a nice change for my make up routine, since I really don't know how to put nice eyeliner nor do I have courage to try something new, and the make up they made me on Saturday was totally unusual for me, it was really brave and darker and I just loved it. Especially my eyes, she made them look really nice and now I need to learn how to put eyeliner by my self also :) !

This is the only good picture of me and my outfit! My outfit was really a last minute thought but I really liked it!! I was wearing my leather look a like leggins, long cardigan, my jeffrey campbell shoes and short sequin top! 

Cardigan : H&M
Top: Tally Weijl
Leggins: SuiteBlanco
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

 How was your weekend? :) Have a good week everyone! xx

Kisses, Stella

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12 Feb 2015

Stella Ioannou facebook page

Dear readers, 

I have finally created a facebook page for my blog!! This was something I had been thinking for a good while and finally had the courage of creating it!  Click here to go to my new page and please like it!! :) 


xoxo Stella  

Little Black Dress with Dailylook

I have a confession; I don't have a LBD. I know, I know, I really should get one ( or two? ) because they really are lifesavers when you don't have anything to wear! So before I am getting my first LBD, I created with DailyLook's styleset my dream look with one of their LBD's.  Dailylook has so many great LBD's ( and with different prices!! ) and it was really hard for me to choose my favorite, but when I saw this little black dress, I totally fell in love with it.  The reason why I love this dress so much is because it's something that is totally out of my style, but it's a dress that I would really like to own, it's an elegant dress that would make me feel like a woman instead of my girly style.
Beautysets - Little black dress by Stella

I combined my LBD with two of my favorite things; A Chanel Bag and pair of nude Louboutins. With a red lipstick you can't go wrong, because I think it's the only colour that goes with LBD perfectly!  What it comes with accessorizing the look, I wanted to keep it simple, so no big necklaces.

 I really enjoyed creating this look because honestly, it's a look that I wish to have one day! And I really need to get my first LBD, that's for sure now!!

What are your favorite little black dresses from Dailylook? And how would you combine your LBD ?

Kisses, Stella