1 Apr 2015

April 1st

Happy April 1st everybody! This is probably the first year when I haven't tried to do any april fools! And no one has done them for me, so, so good so far ! Here in Cyprus April 1st is a public holiday (don't even ask me why :D) so I had a day off from work today! The weather was so lovely today, sun was shining and it was warm outside so we decided to go for a little beach walk with my boyfriend. But as soon as we arrived to the beach it started to look a little cloudy and because it was windy too we didn't last that long and came back to home! 

Ooooohhhh, my best friend will come to Cyprus this month!!! 17 days left !!! <3 But before that it will be quite busy for me with studying and working (hence it's Easter next week here in Cyprus I will be working more hours I think! )

Love, Stella