27 Apr 2014


Hello friends! 
Today I would like to talk with you about a skincare product called Skinade. It's a professional product that works from the insade out. And how it works? Well it works within to prevent the ageing process at a deeper level. It's the latest innovation in the nutricosmetics industry which offers the benefits of "beauty from within". Oh and the coolest thing about this product? It's not a gel or anything like that, it's actually a drink, and contains only 35 calories per bottle It will make your skin look much healthier and younger. It will increase your skins hydration and reduce appearence of fine line and wrinkles. I personally can't wait to try out this product, because my skin is not in a good condition. I do have a little bit acne (although my skin looks much better now than for example few months ago) and my skin tend to get red alot, so maybe this will be the product that helps me to get rid of these things! 
You can fill this small survey CLICK here Everyone entering the survey will have the chance of winning 30 days Skinade, worth 90£ ! It will only take for like 1 minute I promise you that :) 
Skinade 20
Stella xx

21 Apr 2014

Pink Easter outfit

Hello friends! 

Easter is almost over and I still have one outfit post left for you guys! I really really love my outfit that I wore on Saturday. It was quite warm outside in the sun, but I still wanted to wear my new pink fleece-jacket that I got few weeks ago! It's so warm and comfy! I'm super happy that I got it, it was only 14.90EUROS, so not that expensive! I also wore once again my favorite jeans from TopShop and my lovely pink shoes, that I got last summer. I almost forgot that I have them !! They are so comfy to walk with, so I was thinking on getting another pair of them as well, since they were only like 10-12 EUROS from H&M! :) 

Stella xx 

19 Apr 2014

Long Friday dinner outfit

Hello friends! 

And Happy Easter everyone!! Last year I didn't get to spend Easter at all, since Easter was earlier in Finland than in Cyprus where I was at the moment, and after I got back in Finland they had Easter in Cyprus! What a luck, eh? 

Yesterday we had a lunch at my aunt's house and all of my relatives from my mum's side were there. We don't have big family here in Finland, but it's always a fun thing to have family dinners like this! 

I was wearing my top from Only. I have hate-love relationship with that top, because I feel like it makes my upper body look much bigger than it actually is (like arms/shoulders). Luckily it doesn't look like doing that in these pictures haha! I was also wearing my favorite pair of jeans from TopShop! I have never ever had jeans that are this comfy!! I will order one or two pairs more as soon as I have time, unfortunately we don't have TopShop here in Finland (they do have it in Cyprus, tho! Thank god!)

What do you think? :) 

Love, Stella xx 

13 Apr 2014

Visiting a Cat Shelter

Hello friends!

Today has been quite exciting day! Me and my best friend we visited a local cat shelter here in my town. As you might now, I love cats and all the other animals, so this was really a great experience for me!! I excpected the house to be full of cats, but it turned out there was only seven cats at the moment, which is great! I really hope the remaining cats will also find a home! I fell in love with all the cats, but especially with one! It was a Turkish Van, a beautiful white big cat! Her eyes were different colour; the other eye was blue and the other green! I just read that it is typical for Turkish Vans to have different colour eyes! We also got them some cat food! It felt great to help the cats somehow, I wish I had a car so that I could do some volunteering in the cat house! Unfortunately I don't have a car and the cat shelter is really long way from my house! This visit really made me miss my own cat who's in Cyprus with my boyfriend! <3

Stella xx 

6 Apr 2014


Hello friends! 

I've had really busy weekend, once again! I had to work yesterday and after that I had first my aunt's birthday party and after that my friends 30th birthday party!! It was really fun, even tho I was feeling a little bit sick and super tired! Today I've been just chillin! My digibox was full of tv shows from the past week so I've been watching them and I will watch more tv later on today! I am having a pretty tough week next week, so I just want to relax and basically do nothing today! 

How was your weekends? :) 

This is what I was wearing last night!
Me & my best friend! 
Reading some fashion magazines! 

Checking out my blog and reading other's blogs! :)

Stella xx

4 Apr 2014

Insta lately

Sushi with my best friend! Yumyy! 
Watching football! Man Utd vs Bayern! 
My new favorite Chanel lipstick! 
Love this nailpolish! 
Morning selfie before work!
And before going to work again! 
Frappe! My favorite coffee! 

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Stella xx