13 Apr 2014

Visiting a Cat Shelter

Hello friends!

Today has been quite exciting day! Me and my best friend we visited a local cat shelter here in my town. As you might now, I love cats and all the other animals, so this was really a great experience for me!! I excpected the house to be full of cats, but it turned out there was only seven cats at the moment, which is great! I really hope the remaining cats will also find a home! I fell in love with all the cats, but especially with one! It was a Turkish Van, a beautiful white big cat! Her eyes were different colour; the other eye was blue and the other green! I just read that it is typical for Turkish Vans to have different colour eyes! We also got them some cat food! It felt great to help the cats somehow, I wish I had a car so that I could do some volunteering in the cat house! Unfortunately I don't have a car and the cat shelter is really long way from my house! This visit really made me miss my own cat who's in Cyprus with my boyfriend! <3

Stella xx 


  1. love cats ,i have 2 at home ,my big loveee!

    1. I love cats too, they are so cute and everything!! <3

  2. Great post.love cats
    So adorable
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    Keep intouch

  3. So cute!

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