19 Apr 2014

Long Friday dinner outfit

Hello friends! 

And Happy Easter everyone!! Last year I didn't get to spend Easter at all, since Easter was earlier in Finland than in Cyprus where I was at the moment, and after I got back in Finland they had Easter in Cyprus! What a luck, eh? 

Yesterday we had a lunch at my aunt's house and all of my relatives from my mum's side were there. We don't have big family here in Finland, but it's always a fun thing to have family dinners like this! 

I was wearing my top from Only. I have hate-love relationship with that top, because I feel like it makes my upper body look much bigger than it actually is (like arms/shoulders). Luckily it doesn't look like doing that in these pictures haha! I was also wearing my favorite pair of jeans from TopShop! I have never ever had jeans that are this comfy!! I will order one or two pairs more as soon as I have time, unfortunately we don't have TopShop here in Finland (they do have it in Cyprus, tho! Thank god!)

What do you think? :) 

Love, Stella xx 


  1. Voi Stella, kun oot kaunis!! :-) Ihana toppi!!

    1. Sinä se kaunis olet, mutta kiitos!! :))

  2. You're so pretty! Love the outfit. Those jeans look amazing!


  3. You look fabulous. Amazing pics! Would you mind following each other? Just let me know http://www.thatfashionapp.com/


Thanks for the comment! :)