12 Feb 2015

Little Black Dress with Dailylook

I have a confession; I don't have a LBD. I know, I know, I really should get one ( or two? ) because they really are lifesavers when you don't have anything to wear! So before I am getting my first LBD, I created with DailyLook's styleset my dream look with one of their LBD's.  Dailylook has so many great LBD's ( and with different prices!! ) and it was really hard for me to choose my favorite, but when I saw this little black dress, I totally fell in love with it.  The reason why I love this dress so much is because it's something that is totally out of my style, but it's a dress that I would really like to own, it's an elegant dress that would make me feel like a woman instead of my girly style.
Beautysets - Little black dress by Stella

I combined my LBD with two of my favorite things; A Chanel Bag and pair of nude Louboutins. With a red lipstick you can't go wrong, because I think it's the only colour that goes with LBD perfectly!  What it comes with accessorizing the look, I wanted to keep it simple, so no big necklaces.

 I really enjoyed creating this look because honestly, it's a look that I wish to have one day! And I really need to get my first LBD, that's for sure now!!

What are your favorite little black dresses from Dailylook? And how would you combine your LBD ?

Kisses, Stella 

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