2 Feb 2014

Busy bee

Hello readers!

This weekend has been really busy for me since I moved back at home with my mum! I liked living by myself, but sometimes I felt really lonely so I don't mind living at home again! I don't know yet what my next step will be, but maybe I'll figure it out soon.

Tired after packing!

We went to the mall yesterday and ohh my I found the most perfect heels ever! There was this one shoe store which is closing down really soon and they had most of the shoes -70% so you can imagine how crazy it was! I've been looking these kinds of heels for ages and I am so so so happy I found them! Their real prize was 70 euros but I got them for 20 euros!

Oh one more thing regarding these shoes! While I was trying them on, one woman was looking at me like I was crazy and told her daughter that "one can never walk with those shoes because the heel is so high" like really loud. I replied with annoyed voice that I can. I seriously hate those kind of people. Like hellooooo, it doesn't mean I CAN'T WALK WITH HIGH HEELS IF YOU CAN'T, you old jealous lady!  Haha sorry I had to open up about this because I got really annoyed about the way she said it!

What do you think? Perfect, right? ;)

Anyway how was your weekend? :)

Stella xx


  1. It looks soo yummy !

    The shoes are perfect.



Thanks for the comment! :)