27 Jan 2014


Hello lovely readers!

I want to tell you about my addiction.. and no it's not anything bad, like alcohol or drugs, so don't worry haha! My addiction is the Victoria's Secret Strawberry Champagne scent! My dad brought me the Strawberry Champagne set from Thailand, which included the shower gel, body lotion and fragrance mist! And oh my god! They smell D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S when using all three together!! I'm kind of upset that you can't get VS from Finland (or Cyprus). I had always wanted to go VS ever since I first time heard of it and in December my dream FINALLY got true; I travelled to Cyprus via Arlanda (Sweden) and since I had plenty of time before my connection flight I went to VS store and oh my lord was I in heaven!! I ended up buying 2 pairs of underwear, makeup bag and one body lotion. I can do a post about my VS collection at some point. Oh and when I got back from Finland, I flew via Riga (Latvia) and to my surprise they also had VS store!! This time I only got one other body lotion because I knew my dad will get me something from Thailand.

So if you ever have the chance of going to Victoria's Secret. DO IT. I know they are a little bit expensive, but they are totally worth it !

Stella xx

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