23 Jan 2014

Throwback : Cyprus 14.12.2013-12.01.2014

Hello friends!

So as some of you might know, I went to Cyprus for the Christmas. Well actually I was there for one month, which to be honest passed by REALLY fast! I really enjoyed my time there, even tho I feel like I didn't do all those things I wanted, or I didn't have time to see all those people I wanted to see but I guess that's okay since I am going back there so it's not the end of the world. We did to a lot of things, tho!

I stayed with my uncle and her wife (okay I just went to change clothes and shower there, otherwise I stayed with my boyfriend) in a town called Limassol. It's a beautiful town with a lot's of different things to do! I really recommend it to everyone, since you can go swimming, clubbing, partying etc so there is something for everyone! If you want, I can do a separate post about Cyprus and Limassol and give my advices and favorite things to do! Anyway, especially at Christmas Time Limassol is sooo beautiful place! Even tho there's no snow! They had built this beautiful Christmas Village in Enaerios, which is located little bit outside the tourist area, towards the old town! It was like a mini luna park! There was all this little stalls full of food ! It was so beautiful! And they have all these beautiful ornaments and lights all over the city! And the weather wasn't that bad either, daytime it was over 20 degrees in the sun and after the sunset it was little bit cooler and most of the nights it was under 10 degrees!

Anyway enough with the chitchat and enjoy the pictures! :)

Stella xx

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