11 Feb 2014

Φοβάμαι γι αυτό σε θέλω πια μόνο για μένα, να μείνεις εδώ να γίνουμε ένα!

Hello readers!

I've been quite busy lately and I decided to have my lazy day today! I'm feeling a little bit sick so that's why I decided to just stay home and relax today! I was thinking of going to the town since I have few things I need to take care of, but I think I'll leave it for tomorrow!

My weekend - and basically the whole last week, went really fast. I was working from Wednesday until Friday and I was so tired because I am not used to waking up early! On Saturday we went to the mall and restaurant to eat with my mum and my aunt + her husband. Sunday I went to see my grandma, I hadn't seen her in a loooong while so it was nice seeing her too!

Oh, I have came up with few ideas regarding my blog posts and hopefully I'll manage to post them this week! There will be some beauty things + more baking so stay tuned ;)

Oh, and now you can follow me via blogger by pressing that panda picture! :) I thought it was cuter than the normal follow gadget!

Stella xx


  1. Hi dear, you look gorgeous! I really liked your blog, so how about follow each other? Let me know on http://atoniics.blogspot.com ! :)


Thanks for the comment! :)