1 May 2014

May 1st

Hello friends!!

I can't believe it's May already. It feels like Christmas was like few weeks ago and now it's almost summer. This summer will be so different for me than the others. I've spent every summer for the past 7 years in Cyprus. This summer I won't be going there. I decided to collect all the money I need first, and then go back, most likely in September. Even tho it's killing me I know this is what I have to do so I don't have to come back to Finland ever again. ( OK I will be coming to see my family and friends, but not to stay ! ). This is the mistake I won't be doing again. This time I wanna be sure I have what it takes to actually move there, get my own appartment, study and get a job. Thankfully my boyfriend is coming to Finland for the summer, so it wont be that bad. And if you think that Christmas was five months ago and  I still have five to go, it will be easy and soon I will be in Cyprus and I can finally be happy.

Anyway I would like to remind you guys for the survey! It will take just one minute and you can win Skinade products for 30 days!! :) CLICK here to fill your details and be sure you are part of the great draw! :) You can check out my last post about Skinade here


Have a great May everyone!! :) 

Stella xx 


  1. have a aww day,kisses:*

  2. Hey dear, you have a great blog over here !
    Would you like to follow each other on blogspot dear?
    Let me know with a comment on my blog and I will definitely follow you back ! xx



Thanks for the comment! :)