4 Mar 2015

It's all or nothing

Hey guys and happy spring time everyone! :) 

It's time for outfit post again! On Saturday I out to eat with my friends and fiiinally got someone with me who knows how to take pictures, so thank you Emily! :)x

It was too cold to pose without my jacket so sorry guys! Underneath my jacket I was wearing a white top with blue stripes and a black cardigan, so yeah my outfit was pretty black! 

As you might know from the previous outfit posts, my favorite jeans are the one from Top Shop. Oh well you never guess what happened to them! Few weeks ago the jeans ripped off from the left knee (and they were my only jeans that were not ripped so I got pretty sad).  That was a good excuse for me to go shopping some new jeans and once again the only jeans that I liked were from Top Shop so I got them! : )

I was also wearing my new jacket from Tally Weijl and my favorite boots that I got from Finland! And of course my new bag from DKNY! :) 

What do you think of my outfit? like it or not? :) 

Jeans Top Shop
Jacket Tally Weijl
Boots Andiamo

Kisses, Stella 


  1. nice!

    first fashion styling in March

  2. Great outfit! Looking great! :)



Thanks for the comment! :)