13 Mar 2015

How to clean old sneakers & make them look like new again

Okay so it's spring time again and this means putting those winter boots back to your closet and it's time for sneakers! I don't know about you guys, but after a while for using sneakers no matter how careful you try to be they still get dirty :/ 

I recently wanted to restore my old Adidas Superstars (they are work in process at the moment!) because they were so dirty and got yellow, so I searched good ways to make them like new again. I will be posting about them later on IF and WHEN i will get them clean again!! But in the meanwhile, I cleaned my other Adidas sneakers. They are few years old and I haven't been wearing them much lately because they looked so dirty, but now, they look like new again! And while I was cleaning them I thought it would be nice to share my cleaning tip with you guys, I'm sure there's lots of you out there who would appreciate this quick, simple and  inexpensive tip so here we go! :) 

All you need is Miraclean stain remover ( I'm using Vileda ), water and pair of sneakers that you would like to clean! Wet the stain remover and start rubbing your shoes! You will immediately see the difference and it doesn't take longer than few minutes and volá, you have clean sneakers! Easy, 
right? :) 

Vileda's Miraclean Stain remover 


(I had already cleaned the right shoe, left shoe is still dirty! See the difference!!)


Looks much better right? :) 

Kisses, Stella 


  1. great post! ♥

  2. The difference is huuge! Nice tips. Thanks for sharing

    I am following you, follow back?

    1. I know, right! :) Your welcome I hope this tip was helpful! :)

  3. Moikka! Eksyin sun blogiin suoraan sanottuna vahingossa ja onneksi eksyin! Olen aina ollut huono englannin kielessä, ja kun huomasin, että kirjoittelet enkuksi, niin meinasin heti jättää blogisi katsomatta ja siirtyä eri sivuille:'D Mutta aloinpa silti tätä selailla (koska nuo adidaksen kengät, oih<3) ja yllätys, tajusin jopa kirjoituksesi! Jään nyt anonyymiksi lukijaksi, sun blogi motivoi mua englannin kielen lukemisessa!

    1. Heippa! Oi kiva kuulla! :) Ja tervetuloa lukemaan blogia! Toivottavasti on apua englanninkielen lukemisen kanssa! :)


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