29 Mar 2014

Trip to Helsinki

Hello friends!

Last Thursday I travelled to Helsinki to meet my Greek friend, Magda. The day was soo pretty! It was quite warm and the sun was shining, so we decided to take coffee from Starbucks and just walk around ! I was a little afraid how well I can speak the real Greek, since we speak Cypriot Greek in Cyprus, which differs quite alot from the modern Greek, but I think I did quite well, considering that it had been a while since I last time had to speak modern version! Writing modern Greek is easier to me, I don't know why. And it's so weird, in Cyprus when I talk, the words just comes out of my mouth without thinking, but with modern Greek I really have to think about what to say :D Well, learning makes you a master, don't you think?

I was little bit dissapointed with the new Starbucks in Helsinki. In the summer time, I always take a Caramel Cream Frappuccino, and I decided to take it this time too. But it didn't taste the same as in Cyprus. It tasted more coffee and it was darker and they put too much ice in my drink!! Well, another thing that is better in Cyprus than here!! Can't wait to get out of this country!!

Anyway, here's a few pictures I took that day, I will do a outfit post tomorrow!! So see you then! x

Stella xx


  1. if i'm taking greek lessons and studying it can i still manage in cyprus? :)

    1. Yes, at first it might be hard for you to understand what they speak but you will be okay!! :) Are you going to Cyprus then? :)

    2. yes next summer, again :D and i want to live there someday!

    3. that's nice!! And where are you from? :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ohh so you live in my neighbour country :) cool! And where in Cyprus you were planning on going? :)

    2. yes, larnaca or limassol :)

    3. that's nice!! :) I'm from Limassol!! :)

    4. oh that's cool! :)


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