4 Mar 2014

Quick Hi!

Hello friends!

I just wanted to come quickly to say hi to you! I just started a new job yesterday and I have been really tired these two days, since I have to learn so many new things and my head is just full of information right now :D My new job requires alot of standing so it's quite hard and especially today I noticed that my back hurts really much but I hope that with a time it will get easier! But I really love my new job. It's great and I think it will deffinitely be a positive addition to my CV!

I'm sorry that I actually don't have any pictures to add but I have few posts in mind, I already have the material for them BUT it's just that I don't have time right now to write them, but I'll post more as soon as things will get easier (probably on Friday or Saturday) !!

So stay tuned ;)

Stella xx


  1. hi :*

  2. Nice post dear. nice blog u hv, wud u like to follow each other if you like my blog as well. Also can I ask for a click on my sheinside wishlist, required for a collaboration

    1. Thank you dear!! I would like to follow each other! x


Thanks for the comment! :)