20 Mar 2014

My very first Chanel

And no it's not a bag (gosh I wish haha!) but it's a lipstick. (And I kind of bought it by accident.) I've been craving for ages to try out some Chanel's make ups, since I've heard so much positive things about them and how good they are. Chanel is defo my favorite brand and one day I will actually have one of their bags but until them, I can buy their make-ups since they are something I can afford to ( well okay, they are expensive too but anyway).

I got the colour Rouge Allure 95 Enjouee

Ok so here's how I got it by accident. I went to our local mall little bit earlier before my work because I knew there would be sales, and I actually saw one jacket on the paper that I wanted. Well, I didn't get my jacket and since I still had plenty of time I decided to go check out what kind of offers does one beauty store have to offer. Well, I saw one table there and noticed that it had some Chanel and YSL and Dior products on sale. At first I saw some Chanel lipsticks but then I thought I wont actually need one. I already left the table once but then for some reason I went back and there it was. The most perfect lipstick I've ever seen. On sale. And it was Chanel. This is my chance, I thought, it was like destany had brought it to me, so I had to get it. And even tho it still was kind of expensive (especially for me since I NEVER buy anything that is too pricey) it was 24.50 EUROS on sale, normal price was 44 EUROS, I got it. I've been looking for the right lipstick for a while now, since I really don't own one yet and this was the perfect opportunity for me to get one. And no I still don't regret getting it. It's perfect. I wanted to try it today and I only put it little bit, and it lasted ALL DAY. Like seriously, normally they won't last at all, especially if you drink much or eat, but this one it lasted all day and I was positively surprised.


So, if anyone of you is looking for the perfect lipstick, I highly recommend getting Chanel's. I know I will get another Chanel make-ups as soon as I get my first salary haha!

Stella xx


  1. Perfect color! ;)
    My watch is from http://www.bornprettystore.com/


    1. Oh thanks, i'm gonna check that site out!! :))
      And yes the colour is perfect, i love it! :)

  2. aww ,fantastic lipstic <3 i want chanel too :/ kisses ,nice evening i wish :*

    1. I'm sure that someday you will find a great chance of getting one too!! :)

      Have a nice evening too darling!! xxx

  3. loving the color!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,


Thanks for the comment! :)