9 Mar 2017

FINLAND #throwbackthursday


Long time no see. I've been super busy with work and everything lately. I will try to post more often now tho. 

I went to Finland in January for 2 weeks holidays to see my family and friends. I had the best time there and I already miss everyone. I went with the thought of seeing if I could be able to see myself moving back to Finland, but as you can guess, that idea disappeared from my mind as fast as it got there. I love living in Cyprus, my life is here now.  Finland is a good place to go visit every now and then but living there would be so hard for me. 

I spent the whole two weeks with my best friend, I decided to stay with her. We had so much fun, when I got back to Cyprus my house was feeling so empty haha!  This was actually the first time I could go clubbing in Finland, enjoy and have fun! I basically spent my time there eating, partying and spending quality time with everyone. 

The only thing I miss about living in Finland, besides my family and friends, is having hot water during winter whenever you want it and having central heating. In Cyprus, during winters, if there is no sun you need to heat up the water which is so annoying as it takes forever. Also, houses are super cold as there is no heating whatsoever. You need to buy heater or what I do, have the air con heating my flat. 

I am lucky enough to have my good friends still there for me even though I moved countries. Being with them felt like we were never apart. You don't need to talk with them or see them every day, but when you do, you know the friendship is real. I can trust these girls with everything and I know they will always be part of my life. 

As much as I hate snow, I got to admit it looks so pretty. I was lucky that the temperature wasn't so high while I was staying there. Week before I went it was super cold, like -20 degrees, but during my stay it was only like -5 degrees which was decent. 

I am now thinking about going back in the summer for a week or so but we will see. I miss summer in Finland. Those warm, nightless nights where you don't have to worry and stress about nothing. I am not saying it wins these amazing summer nights in Cyprus where you can have beach parties and stay up all night watching the stars, but I would deffo recommend visiting Finland in the summer. It's worth it. 

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Stella xx 

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