11 Dec 2016

I been up all night, no sleep, cause I feel like I'm always dreaming

Whoop whoop, my exams and lessons are over for this year! I am so happy that I can finally relax a little bit, the amount of stress that I was having during exam period is crazy!  

On Friday I went out with few of my work mates and oh man, they know how to take it until morning! We started with few drinks at this really nice pub here in Limassol, Shaka Zulu, which I can recommend to everyone! After that we were thinking about going to this club (bare in mind I left my house around 11 am that morning and was dressed for my exams) but decided to go to my friends house for drinks. 

The thing I love about Cyprus is that it's mid-December and we stayed the whole night sitting on the balcony. It was a bit chilly outside but nothing we couldn't handle. I mean look at that view, it's amazing. We were drinking and laughing the whole night. The best thing was watching the sunshine. We did the same thing back in August and it was so cool to see how the sun came out from a different spot this time of the year. You can really see how earth has moved and why the days are shorter during winter time. 

I mean just look at this view! It's breathtaking ! I could go on and on about how pretty it was, this is something everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime.  I have to admit that after everything I've been through lately Friday night was definitely what  I needed to get things out of my head.  I am so grateful to have such amazing friends in my life. 

 Luckily, now I've got more time to concentrate on my blog more as I don't have to study! 

I hope you all had great weekend and relaxing Sunday!


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