4 Sep 2015

How to "lighten up" your bedroom

Heyyy friends!

Ok so I know that in most countries summer is almost (or already) over but here in Cyprus it's still really hot outside and there's no sing of autumn! And because I've been trying to survive my really hot summer nights I was all on board when Parachute asked me to share some of my tips on how to make your hot nights easier! I hope you enjoy! :)

The first thing I do before I go to bed is to open my air condition. And because I have three little cats living with me, so opening up my windows is not a question (did that once, woke up and my cats were sitting outside my window, luckily they didn't fell down!). I usually just open it for 30 minutes before I sleep just so that my room feels cooler.

Sheets from here: Parachute

It's also very important to have light sheets because it will make you feel more cooler than with winter sheets. Also I got rid of my duvet so I am just sleeping with cover sheet. ( You can also put your sheets in the freezer for a little while before you go to bed but just don't forget them :p) Parachute has some really nice sheets for summer time (and for the autumn time as well for you guys who live in colder countries). 

Candles from here : Parachute

I also tend to have my shutters closed so that the sun wont get in and make my room even hotter. Lightning up a fresh candle makes your air feel fresh too and it's always nicer to go to sleep with fresh air! Also I do have a glass of water or bottle next to me just in case I feel thirsty (also water makes you feel cooler ! ) 

Picture from here : Parachute

So here are few tips that I find very useful, what about you? Do you have some secret tips on how you survived hot summer nights? :) 

Xo, Stella 


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