3 Jul 2015


Hello friends!

Long time no see hu? Well I'm so sorry for dissapearing like that but it just I had so much going on with my life with my friend coming to Cyprus, work and school, but now my first exams are over (which btw went much better than I thought, I passed them all!!) and since my school does not continue for like in 10 days I decided to come back and start blogging again! I do have so much material and pictures waiting to get published and I am really excited to be able to write again!! :) 

I had off today from work so I went to my bf's pool! It has been so hot today even tho it's quite windy outside but the wind is really warm and not helping with the heat!! But I'm so happy that it's summer, because it's my favorite time of the year! I've already swum in the ocean once and it was really cold :D But my family is coming here in few weeks and I'm so excited about it and it also means I get to go to swimming pools and beach more often, yay! :)

How's your summer been so far? :)

Love, Stella xoxo


Thanks for the comment! :)