30 Dec 2014

Christmas Day Outfit

I can't believe Christmas' already gone. I actually didn't have any Christmas feeling this year despite the fact that I did listen xmas songs all the time! Oh well, maybe next year then! :) My brother also visited me here in Cyprus for two weeks. It was nice to have even one family member to spend xmas with. Here is what I was wearing on Christmas Day :) 

 I didn't actually think about beforehand what I'm going to wear. The only thing I had on my mind was my new lovely red skirt from Stradivarius that I got the other day. But the shirt was last minute choice.  I still really like this outfit! My JF shoes are defo the best buy I have ever made, since they go with everything and they are so nice to walk with. Yes they were quite pricey but they have definitely paid themselves back! I am actually thinking about getting another pair too! 

Skirt Stradivarius
Shirt Bershka
Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

What do you like? :) 

Love, Stella 

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