24 Oct 2014

@ Dassoudi Beach

As I mentioned yesterday, I was having holidays down in Limassol when my family came here. During their stay we went 2 times to the beach and for me it was first time this year when I had to chance to swim,relax and tan!! The water was warm and so refreshing ! I really like Dassoudi beach (it's situated in the tourist area in Limassol, behind Pizza hat!) because the water is clean and there's toilets and restaurant near if you need them. It was also quite there because it's kind of "off season" (as my aunt says) now here in Cyprus. Sunbeds were cheap, they were only 2€/bed, which is cheaper than 2 years ago, when they were 3€! 

Love, Stella xx


  1. I'd love to go to the seaside right now instead freezing at home. Looks like a great time. Great post.



Thanks for the comment! :)