23 Oct 2014

Outfit of the day

Hey yaaa!!

Sorry for not posting for a while (again, whoops!), but I have been quite a busy with running job interviews, trying to find a flat, having holidays with my family etc, BUT i do have lots or pictures and posts ready for you guys so no worries :)
It's been a good while since I last time did a outfit post and I'm so glad that for ONCE my boyfriend managed to take some decent pictures that are worth of sharing with you guys :) 

Ok so here is what I was wearing today! I got those shoes a while ago from Finland when Spirit Store was closing down and I got them with really good price. They were 80% off from sale! They are real leather I really love that brown color they have! I usually don't buy shoes like these so I am really glad I found them because they are really comfy to walk with!!! 

I got that shirt from H&M before I came to Cyprus and I'm so glad I did! It is little big for me, I had to take one size bigger than normally because that was the last small size they had, but I kind of like it more because it is big and loose! I love the leather sleeves and idk it's just perfect. This shirt is defo my favorite shirt right now! It has saved me MANY times! 

haha I don't know why my shoes seems like they are different color but really they are not that different ! :D

I used to never liked to mix different colors but now I am trying to get out of my comfort zone and trying new things and combinations. I don't know about you guys but I really like this combination. Brown shoes gives really nice contrast to this outfit and it makes it less boring, i think :)

Shirt H&M
Jeans Stradivarius
Shoes Spirit Store
Bag H&M

Love, Stella xx


  1. nice bag!


  2. aaaah toi paita<3 ostin kans jonkun aikaa sit samanlaisen, mut vaan xs koska s ja m oli loppu :D Se on siis tosi pieni ja 3/4 hihanen mut ei se haittaa, tyksin siit kuitenki 8) ! ja ah kengät<3

    1. Mäki olisin halunnu xs mut ei ollu enää ku s ja m :( Toiki on 3/4 hihanen mut mul on niin lyhyet kädet ettei se näytä silt mun päällä xDD


Thanks for the comment! :)