30 Sep 2014

Hear the sound of the ocean

Hey theree!
So today we did something I have been waiting for ageeees! Can you guess? Well, we went to the beach! Well, OK, we didn't exactly go to the beach to swim or anything, we went by the ocean and sat there on the rocks eating our froyo's! 
It was so relaxing to just listen the to the sound of ocean and its waves and ahh it was perfect! I have missed the sound and the smell!! I was just so excited! Ok I can watch the ocean anytime I want from my balcony but it's not the same. I live 10km from the beach which is prettty far away! 
The thing I love the most about living here in Cyprus is the ocean. In Finland, ocean is something that I wouldn't see often and it's just not the same there. 

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Love, Stella

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  1. beauty photos love sea!!


Thanks for the comment! :)