14 Jan 2018

Athens part 1

End of October me and my two friends had girls trip to Athens. That was my first holiday that wasn't to Finland or Cyprus! It was just what we needed and I had so much fun there. We were staying there for 4 nights.

We were staying in this hotel called Stanley which was located in Karaiskaki Square. The location of the hotel was actually very good even though it wasn't exactly in the city center. The metro station was right next to our hotel and it took us only few minutes to get to the city center which was decent. The metro tickets were 1.40 for one way. We ended up using taxi a lot, and the prices were not that expensive,I think.

We had breakfast included and the first day we were having our breakfast with the lower class but then we got our room upgraded, thanks to my friends, so we ended up getting upgraded breakfast too ! They got pretty large selection of everything so I would definitely recommend taking breakfast as well. The hotel had swimming pool and rooftop bar with this amazing view to Acropolis!

Our first day in Athens was very interesting. As usual, something had to go wrong! As soon as we landed, we went to this shopping village called McArthur Glen. It was very nice place but you need more than one day to see everything. They had all kind of designer outlets like Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger,  Marco Polo, Guess etc. I definitely recommend it for everyone visiting Athens! It wasn't enough that we were all dead from the trip and all that shopping, but the day we arrived in Athens happened to be the day when the Metro was out of use due to some strike. We had to take the bus and change it few times to get to Syntagma. Little did we know that the buses would be so full that you wouldn't even have enough space to breath. The bus drive took us about 4 hours and I was kind of getting a minor panic attack as people were pushing each other and no one could move. That's how crazy it was. In the end we got to Syntagma and from there we took taxi to our hotel only to find out that the room we booked was not what we had expected. That's why the next day they gave us a much better room !

On our first night I went to meet my friend who I had not seen for quite a long time. We went to this bar where you could see Acropolis and man it was amazing! He couldn't have chosen a better place to take me hahah! After that I met with the girls and we went to the Gazi to have some dinner. Honestly, I've never had better gyros than in that place! I just cant remember the name of that restaurant. 

We were so tired after all that travelling so after our dinner we head back to the hotel and went to sleep.

XoXo, Stella 


  1. Got excausted after reading how much we did that day and that was just the first...omg...i m looking forward to part 2 😘

    1. haha i know right! part 2 coming soon ❤️


Thanks for the comment! :)