8 Jun 2014

Shine bright like a diamond

Hello friends!! 

I've had quite a busy weekend ! I will tell you later more about it, but first things first, here is my outfit that I wore on Thursday! I really like this outfit, it's bright and comfy! As you can tell, I like to wear comfortable clothes a lot! 

I got my top from Gina Tricot! I already have four same tops, all in different color and print of course! These tops are nice to wear and I love the colors! Actually this is the same top I was wearing few weeks back in another outfit post, but that was just bright pink and this is more like coral. And they are only under 8 euros! 

I really really love these jeans. I got them from Top Shop last winter and ohh boy, I don't wear any other jeans anymore!! They fit me perfectly! I am thinking about getting them in another color too, but since we don't have Top Shop in Finland I probably have to wait until I move to Cyprus and get them then!!  I have to wear jeans at work and the thing I love about my jeans is that even tho they are skinny jeans, I can still roll my pant legs up a little bit when needed!

I just got these shoes last week and I love them! I've always wanted a shoes like these, because I love leopard print!! And they look so cute! I got them from H&M and they were only like 15 euros! Not bad! 

Top: Gina Tricot
Jeans: TopShop
Shoes: H&M
Sunglasses: New Yorker 

What do you think? :) 

Love, Stella 


  1. Beautiful look. I love these shoes! :) I follow your blog, follow back?

  2. So stylish! The shoes make you look more stunning. :D
    Anyways, would you like to follow each other via GFC?
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  3. Great outfit! Your shoes are so cute!! Just found your blog and really love it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, facebook and bloglovin to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks!


  4. beautiful outfit! love the leopard shoes
    let's follow each other? ;3



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